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Mold Temperature Controller

time:2020-06-03 09:06:01  source: Plastic machinery equipment  Author: Plastic dryer
1. For new MTC, we need to make different maintenance measures according to the heat conduction medium. 
If the medium is water, we must keep the water source clean, so that it is not easy to scale, and it can also prevent the pipeline from being blocked. 
For oil medium, we need to replace it regularly according to the use temperature. For the temperature above 200 ℃, we need to replace it once a month or two, and below 200 ℃, we can replace it once a quarter or so, which is very good It avoids the problem that the temperature cannot be increased.
2. As for pipeline, we should judge whether the pipeline is blocked according to the connection between pump and pressure. If the pressure is too low, we can take out the heating pipe and clean it with tools, especially the filter mesh at the entrance of the system.
 It is best to clean the hood once a month.
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