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Plastic market forecast

time:2020-05-26 16:47:15  source: Plastic machinery equipment  Author: Plastic dryer
Market summary and forecast

● PE market: Last Friday, the market continued to be sorted out, and prices did not change much. Linear futures fluctuated upwards, with limited impact on the market, most traders shipped at stable prices, weak downstream factory procurement, mainly on demand, and the real market focused on a single talk. Quotes: Changsha market offers are stable, Daqing 5000S offers an independent price of 11,500 yuan / ton; Shunde market offers, Guangzhou 7042 tax-free report 8950 yuan / ton; Nanjing market narrow range, Yamba 2426H report 9750-9800 yuan / ton .

Today's forecast: It is expected that the market will consolidate at the beginning of the week.

● PP market: last Friday, the market price rose by 50 yuan / ton steadily, polypropylene futures fluctuated higher, which eased the negative impact of crude oil closing. Some petrochemical companies raised the ex-factory price to support the cost of supply, and traders made a profit Limited cargo willingness, cautious downstream mentality, limited real-time receiving capacity, market reference for various markets: Beijing market offer collation, Ningmei 1102K reported 9900 yuan / ton, Shanghai market partly explored, Daqing Petrochemical T30S reported 10400 yuan / ton, Xiamen market prices increased, and Fujian T30S reported RMB 10,100 / t.

Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market will adjust slightly.

● PVC market: Last Friday, the market price was mainly adjusted, the range was not large, the futures rose slightly, the merchants still followed the market operation, the downstream continued small orders just need to purchase, the transaction was tepid, and the actual trading atmosphere was calm. Reference market: The offer in the Guangzhou market has been partially raised. At present, the mainstream price of ordinary calcium carbide is 6920-7030 yuan / ton; the offer in Changzhou market is stable, and the current mainstream price of 5 type calcium carbide is 6850-6920 yuan / ton; the offer in Hangzhou market is stable. Type 5 calcium carbide mainstream 6850-6950 yuan / ton.

Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market will not change much.

● PS market: Last Friday, the market prices were sideways, the raw material styrene weakened again, the merchants ’attitude was general, and they were mostly wait-and-see. The downstream purchases just need to be purchased. The overall market transaction is limited and the atmosphere on the floor is general. Reference market: Individual quotations in the Ningbo market weakened slightly, CITIC 525 reported 12,500 yuan / ton; some bids in the North China market declined, Panjin 825 reported 13,050 yuan / ton; Shunde market prices were mainly stable, and Chimei PG33 reported 11,900-11950 yuan / ton .

Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market will fall slightly.

● ABS market: Last Friday, market prices continued to decline slightly, the upstream raw material market fluctuated and fell, business confidence was insufficient, downstream downstream buyers had less buying, and the wait-and-see market was dominated. The trading atmosphere was light, and the actual negotiations could be slightly profitable. Reference market: Ningbo market quotations have limited volatility, 0215A reported 15100 yuan / ton; North China market quotations are mainly stable, 0215H reported 15100 yuan / ton; Ningbo market quotations are limited, 0215A reported 15100 yuan / ton.

Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market will be stable and slightly down.

● PET bottle flake market: Last Friday, market prices weakened steadily, the upstream raw material futures market fell, and the role of source cost support weakened. Some traders made a solid offer to facilitate transactions, mainly downstream wait-and-see, the inquiry enthusiasm is fair, but active Purchasing willingness is low, the market price reference: water bottle material in East China is at 10800-11100 yuan / ton, and water bottle material in South China is at 10850-11100 yuan / ton.

Today's forecast: The market is expected to be weak today.

● PET waste recycling market: last Friday, the market was weakly sorted, the price of bottle bricks in East China was reduced by 200 yuan / ton, the new material market fell back, and it lost its support for the recycling market. Although the supply of bottle flakes remains in a shortage state, the cleaning plant has a pessimistic mentality, and the firm is actively shipping. The transaction price is mainly negotiated. The market price reference is: the white tablets on the East China market are 7200-7300 yuan / ton.

Today's forecast: It is expected that today's market prices will still have a risk of falling.
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