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Analysis of the development trend of plastic machinery

time:2020-05-28 09:18:15  source: Plastic machinery equipment  Author: Plastic dryer
Plastic machinery plays an important role in plastic production. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the plastic machinery industry has achieved sustained and rapid development and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The main economic indicators rank in the forefront of the global machinery industry. At present, most of the plastics machinery manufacturers produce injection molding machines. The top ten in the industry account for 39% of the industry's total sales. In the past five years, relying on technology promotion and extremely competitive prices, Chinese manufacturers have established The company successfully challenged Germany and Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed markets.

For a long time, the uniformity and fixedness of the models and functional specifications of plastic machinery have been unable to meet market demand. Due to the frequent changes in the production of plastic products and the consideration of effective investment in operations, customers need the plastic machinery industry to provide them with the most adaptable plastic machinery and equipment; on the other hand, with the rapid evolution of industrialization to commercialization, Large-scale and large-scale production is also an inevitable law of the manufacturing industry. In the future, plastic machinery will develop in five directions:

1Develop precision injection molding machine and precision extruder

At present, precision injection molding machines are mainly foreign brands. At present, 60% of the approximately 20,000 plastic machines imported by China each year are precision injection molding machines. In terms of multi-layer co-extrusion machines, China's presses are still difficult to compare with foreign presses in terms of precise control of layer thickness. Biaxially stretched PET (PA, BOPP) film units in extrusion equipment, precision medical catheter extrusion units, etc. have also been the territory of foreign companies. It is very necessary to develop domestic precision injection molding and extrusion equipment with independent intellectual property rights. On the one hand, it can replace imports, and it can also make China occupy a place in the international high-end plastic machinery market.

2 Development of mainframe and microcomputer

China's small and medium-sized plastic machinery categories and specifications are relatively complete, but mainframes and microcomputers are still in the initial stage. The design and manufacture of large and miniature plastic machinery are closely related to the country's overall machinery manufacturing and material technology level. At the initial stage, we must focus on the establishment of relevant technical foundations and intellectual property systems. Miniaturization is an important development direction for various products in the future, and more and more market demands are present. This is exemplified by the obvious development momentum that has been shown in the electronics, information, electrical appliances, medical, biological and other departments. For example, the production equipment for plastic tubes with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm used to replace human blood vessels is already under development in some countries.

3 Development of energy-saving plastic machinery

Traditional plastic machinery also has certain potential in terms of energy saving, because the previous design often only focused on the production capacity of a single machine. In the design of energy-saving plastic machinery, production speed is no longer the most important indicator. The most important indicator is the energy consumption of processing unit weight products. Therefore, the mechanical structure, control mode, and operating process conditions of the equipment must be optimized based on minimum energy consumption. Adopting advanced energy-saving technology, the energy conversion efficiency of the variable frequency speed regulation motor is significantly higher than that of the previous electromagnetic speed regulation motor and DC motor. It is widely used in extrusion equipment.

4 The development of automation and intelligent plastic machine

Automation and intelligence, the development of intelligent plastic machines will significantly improve the operation stability and reliability of plastic machines, effectively improve the production functions of high-quality, high efficiency and low consumption of plastic machines. The factory provides a solid technical foundation.

5 Networking and Virtualization

Network management technology can be regarded as a technology outside the equipment, but it is indeed inseparable from the equipment. From auxiliary equipment manufacturers to host manufacturers, network management systems are regarded as one of the control functions that the equipment can provide. This will promote a higher level of international integrated design and manufacturing, and implement a more complete professional production of plastic machines.

In recent years, China ’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued and implemented major strategies such as “Technological Progress and Technology Transformation Investment Direction for Equipment Industry (2025)”, which provide rare favorable conditions and important opportunities for accelerating the revitalization of China ’s plastic machinery industry. . Enterprises in the plastic machinery industry should seize the opportunity to meet the challenges, make plastic machinery play a greater role in the revitalization of the national economy, and strive to advance China's plastic machinery manufacturing industry from a big country to a powerful country.
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