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  Centralized Conveying System Details description
product name:Centralized Conveying System
release time:2020-05-21 11:04:30
simple description:Central feeding system adopts PLC control system, which can supply plastic material for 24 hours continuously.
weight :0.00
unit weight:KG
characteristic:Central Dosing, Drying, Conveying System
patent:Central Conveying System Control Software
Producing country:CHINA
Product alias:Automatic Conveying System
  Centralized Conveying System Product introduction

Centralized Conveying System parameter

We can supply turnkey solutions for all plastic produciton: injection molding, bottle blowing molding, film blowing,  and extrusion.
Automatic Conveying System

Centralized Conveying System Equipment principle

The central feeding system adopts vacuum conveying method, and the plastic raw materials are transferred from the storage silo to the central dosing and mixing system (if necessary) through the centralized pipeline system, and then the well-mixed materials are loaded to the central dehumidifying and drying system, and finally the dried raw materials are delivered to each injection molding machine.
The central feeding system adopts the design method of "one machine and one pipe" to ensure that the air of the entire system conveys the raw materials to prevent the moisture coming back. At the same time, the conveying in each pipeline is smooth, and there is no material blocking. Under vacuum pressure, the dust in the raw materials will be filtered through the dust filtration system, which helps to improve the quality of the final products.
Automatic Conveying System

Centralized Conveying System application

Central conveying systems are widely used in injection molding, blowing molding, film extrusion, sheet extrusion, and pelleting industries.

Automatic Conveying System

Centralized Conveying System Precautions

Maintenance of the Center Console:
1. Check whether the buttons on the console are in good condition before starting.
2. Check each electrical part for damage.
3. Check whether the PLC display is normal.
4. Except NO.1, the rest items are inspected once every 30 days.
Product alias:
Automatic Conveying System
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Product name:Centralized Conveying System
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