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  Continuous Batch Blender Details description
product name:Continuous Batch Blender
release time:2020-05-13 14:36:41
Price:¥USD 6600
simple description:Gravimetric blender also called as gravimetric dosing system or gravimetric batch blender, is an industrial device used in plastic production industry to dose or weigh two or more materials.
weight :400.00
unit weight:KG
characteristic:For Plastic Material Dosing and Mixing
patent:Automatic Weighing and Mixing Control System
Producing country:CHINA
Product alias:Gravimetric Batch Blender
  Continuous Batch Blender Product introduction

Continuous Batch Blender parameter

Model HGB-600
Qty of Group  number  4
Mixing capacity(kg/hr) 600
Batch weight(kg) 6
Main material  mixing range(%) 5~100
Additive mixing range(%) 0.5~10
Main hopper volume(L) 70
Additive hopper volume(L) 70
Mixing barrel volume(L) 40
Power supply(V/Hz)
Total power(kW) 0.55
Compressed air (kgf/cm2) 6~8
Max. noise level(dB) <75
1) Dosing accuracy are refer to each ingredient accuracy ;   
2) standard valves are not suitable powder dosing;
3) Max .output of each model and dosing accuracy are based on the data from bulk density 0.8 ,dia. 3~4mm pellets in a test criteria of continuous running.
We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice .
Gravimetric Batch Blender

Continuous Batch Blender Equipment principle

A gravimetric blender has two or more hoppers arranged above a weigh-pan which is controlled by a very sensitive load cell. And the hoppers will open and close under control of the slide-gate valve. Once the blender is turned on and the recipe is selected, it will dose and mix materials automatically.
Gravimetric Batch Blender

Continuous Batch Blender application

Now more and more customers are introducing gravimetric blender to their production for LED, auto parts, non-woven bag, film, bottles & containers, all injection parts, cables, and wire, etc. And the areas are expanding.  
Hereafter are some application cases for your reference:

1) Gravimetric blender for food packaging production 

2) Gravimetric blender 2000kg/hr output for injection molding production

Gravimetric Batch Blender

Continuous Batch Blender Precautions

Before carrying out machine-related operations, the person who intends to operate and maintain the machine must read and understand the relevant contents of this operating manual, especially the safety-related parts.

The following safety instructions are particularly important to avoid personal injury and property damage:
1) Observe all safety and damage related information on the device.
2) Do not allow unauthorized persons to approach this device.
3) Before starting the device every time, make sure that no one is in the danger zone.
7) When cleaning or servicing the blender, wear work gloves. Work gloves will protect your hands and fingers from being broken.
Product alias:
Gravimetric Batch Blender
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Product name:Continuous Batch Blender
Enterprise:Dongguan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd
Region:Dong guan
Telephone:+86 13669807274
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