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Welcome to join Waste Plastic Granulator!Important tips 1, the information of this site is for reference only, actual please field assessment!Two, severely crack down on network fraud! If shippment is needed, please visit the spot personally to avoid being deceived.
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   Waste Plastic Granulator Details description
product name: Waste Plastic Granulator
release time:2020-05-27 15:46:08
simple description:By adjusting the blade gap, it can break the soft and hard plastic and thin film to 6-10mm particles.
In the plastic industry, it plays an important role in recycling of waste and defective plastic products.
weight :1100.00
unit weight:KG
characteristic:For Plastic Waste Material or Runner Crushing and Recycling
patent:Crushing Control System
Producing country:CHINA
Product alias:Plastic Crusher
   Waste Plastic Granulator Product introduction

Waste Plastic Granulator parameter

Plastic Crusher

Waste Plastic Granulator Equipment principle

Plastic Crusher

Waste Plastic Granulator application

Plastic crusher is suitable for different grades of plastic, and it is more suitable for crushing waste and defective plastic products.

Plastic Crusher

Waste Plastic Granulator Precautions

Safety Instructions:

1、The selection should be appropriate, avoid a large amount of plastic or too large plastic seizing-up material,once seizing-up material,should be stopped immediately,after cleaning can continue to work, the feeding should be uniform,avoid heavy load and cause damage to the machine.
2、When the blade is blunt or damaged, should be repaired or replaced in time.
3、Pay attention to the motor bearing heating, the temperature is not more than 60 degrees.
4、6 minutes before stopping, feeding is prohibited.When the material in the crushing chamber is completely broken, the machine can be shut down.
5、When plastic is difficult into the crushing chamber, do not push it by hand to avoid accidents,should stop cleaning or dredge with plastic pipe.
6、Metal parts and hard materials can’t put into crusher, so as to avoid accidents and mechanical damage.
Product alias:
Plastic Crusher
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Product name: Waste Plastic Granulator
Enterprise:Dongguan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd
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